First Heritage Camp starts at California State

Polytechnic University, Pomona.

Heritage Camp opens at Cal Poly Pomona offering fencing, yoga, etiquette classes, technology activities and field trips for children on a university campus. 


Heritage Bike Rides

Heritage Bike Rides joins the Trips For Kids® National Organization to promote the world of cycling for children. Learn more about Trips For Kids®.

Board of Directors

Recognitions received from the United States Senate, United States Congress, California Board of Equalization

Founders of Heritage Education Group make their rounds accepting recognitions and honors for their work with Heritage Camp and their commitment to community service. 

About us

Donavan Turner, M.Ed. Co-Founder

Shaundra Williams, M.Ed.

Sankofa and Me - Principle/Founder 

Ibi Davis-Ossuetta, J.D.

Hinshaw & Culbertson, Partner 

 Lincoln Johnson, Ph.D.

State of California Department of Corrections

Scott Gladney, MA

Spring Hill Suites Denver Downtown, Hospitality Executive General Manager & Affiliate Professor of Hospitality 

D. Bing  Turner, M.P.H., Co-Founder​

First Farmers' Market Opens

Heritage Harvest Certified Farmers Markets opens at Victoria Gardens and Terra Vista Shopping Center. Markets expanded to Los Angeles in 2012 and Montclair in 2014.

History Timeline

Out of a need to develop a culturally and academically rich summer program for children found Heritage Education Group (HEG) 2001.  It's flagship program, the Heritage Camp, provided an unparalleled experience for 2nd-6th-grade students on the campus of California State University Pomona. This program offered classes in math, reading readiness, yoga, etiquette, Knowledge of Self (history) and health education. 

Expanding its commitment to children and their communities, HEG aggressively launched a series of community programs (Trips For Kids Heritage Bike Rides, Photo-voice), refocusing its original charge of enriching lives through education, public
health and art. 

Heritage Education Group
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